List Of Streamers Who Broadcast Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers

Here are a few names (and links!) of content creators that you may want to discover if you have interest for HS open cups. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but if you stream your own qualifier runs, come tell us in Discord so we can add your name!

Akatsu streams in Spanis at

Brownartist streams in English at

CECG streams in Portugese at

Clarity streams in English at

ClarkHELLSCREAM streams in English at

Clone streams in English at

DenimBlue7 streams in English at

Faeli streams in Czech at

FinalS streams in Romanian at

Feelink streams in Spanish at

Hibadino streams in Spanish at

ItzLukeHS streams in English at

JaredPullet streams in English at

Joaquin streams in Spanish at

KingVenom streams in Portugese at

Mazzu streams in Spanish at

Montu streams in Spanish at

Nejiboston streams in English at

NoGlocko streams in English at

Orange streams in English at

Team Solary streams in French at

Soleil streams in Korean at

Wharp streams in Spanish at

Zlofany streams in Russian at

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