Synergies to look for in Hearthstone Mercenaries

by graylego

The author is behind the spreadsheet that compiles all the known Mercenaries abilities

Now that we have had more time to digest some of the press release material for Mercenaries and have the opportunity to look over some of the abilities and Mercs we will be getting with the mode, we can start to understand more about how combat and Merc teams will shape up. While we don’t know everything yet, we can still make some predictions on what sort of synergy teams we will be looking at when Mercenaries releases.

The first of these synergies is based on the tribe of the Merc. We will see some of the tribes we know from constructed Hearthstone, such as Alexstrasza and Brighwing for dragons or Mukla and King Krush for beasts. But we will also see some new tribes, such as orcs and humans! Rokara can gain more attack when she has an orc ally nearby, and Anduin Wrynn can protect and heal his fellow human Mercs. Tribes are certain to play are large role when considering your team.

Next of the synergies is ability school synergies, similar to spell schools in constructed. Tyrande Whisperwind can boost her party’s next arcane ability with Elune’s Grace, making the next friendly arcane ability cast twice while also making the ability faster for the rest of the battle. Ragnaros’ Magma Blast can deal double damage if a friendly character cast a fire ability before him this turn. Vol’jin’s Curse of Weakness can make his foes weak to shadow damage for a turn, allowing friendly Mercs using shadow abilities to deal massive damage. I expect all of the synergies and more to be tried out and used effectively.

The final synergy I want to talk about will be speed based synergies. A lot of Mercs don’t fit into a synergistic tribe or don’t have schools tied to their abilities. Here, I believe speed manipulation is going to be your best friend. Abilities like Bru’kan’s Muddy Footing or Cairne’s War Stomp slowing your opponents can destroy their strategies. On the opposite end of that, Cairne’s Endurance Aura or Valeera’s Fan of Knives speeding allies up can cause you to quickly destroy your opponents. A good example of an ability that wants to be sped up is Tavish’s Aimed Shot, which deals double damage if Tavish has not been damaged this turn.

Now as for what of these strategies will end up being strong is up in the air right now. We don’t know enough yet to make well informed predictions. One of my initial ideas is a holy team consisting of mostly humans to profit off of Aundin’s holy spells that also work better with humans, but only time will tell if that team turns out to be good

For now though, I recommend theorycrafting teams as we get more information! It will be super exciting to see what the community comes up with as we approach the launch of Mercenaries on October 12th.

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